SISTERS to MISTERS | 14 January 2019



JANUARY 14, 2019

7:00 PM


From Sisters to Misters

Catholic Sisters have a long tradition of caring for the sick, suffering and dying. Sisters built the first permanent hospital in the United States in St. Louis MO in 1890, and by 1915, an astounding fifty percent of hospitals in the United States were run by Catholic Sisters. The Sisters raised money, oversaw construction, staffed and administered hospitals without financial support from the Vatican or local diocese. The availability of health insurance and safer health care practices in the second half of the twentieth century led to increased demand for hospital care. The charitable model of the past was no longer viable. This research explored the experiences of Catholic Sisters as they transitioned leadership to lay administrators, who were predominantly men. Seventy Sisters who were the last religious administrator were interviewed.

Join us for a presentation by AAUW member, Maureen Anthony and Sister Mary Ellen Howard, RSM. Don’t forget you can bring your friends too.

There will be additional information via e-blasts and the next CURRENTS issue concerning who to contact with your RSVP.



We’re here!! We have arrived and are living in 2018. In our previous posting, we stated “In Michigan, it is predicted that by 2018, there will be a need for 274,000 STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) trained job candidates.” According to a Georgetown University study, that figure reflects a 4% increase in STEM jobs; 94% of which will require postsecondary education and training. Females are still very underrepresented in the STEM fields in Michigan as well as across the nation and also in the international community. We continue to focus on the AAUW mission which is:

Advancing equity for women and girls through advocacy, education, philanthropy and research

Our commitment to the First Lego League team at Defer Elementary School continues, thanks to you and your contributions to our fundraising efforts. Again this year, we sent five (5) fourth and fifth grade girls to a summer mindcrafts class at The Robot Garage located in Grosse Pointe Park. The Robot Garage, thanks to a grant from Ford Motor Company, sponsored an additional five (5) girls and the ten (10) girls together make up the Defer Gears Girlz First Lego League Team for 2017-2018.

Defer principal, Lisa Rheaume, who is in her first year as principal, is an enthusiastic supporter of the team as is their coach, Mark Ezop. The girls practice weekly at the schools and will be competing this spring in the First Lego League competitions. Joanne Johnson and Sandy Stanley are filling in as AAUWGP administrative liaisons while member, Ellen Chapin, is away.

Thank you for your continued support for this very important STEM project as well as for our other scholarship projects. Our fundraising efforts for the year 2018 are getting into full gear. Please read about the efforts here and support them with your presence, help and contributions.