AAUW Grosse Pointe Scholarship Recipients 2021

This year the AAUW Grosse Pointe branch elected to make a profound impact in our community by investing in our youth.  It was agreed that two scholarships would be awarded annually in the amount of $1,500 each to two graduating senior girls at Grosse Pointe North High School and two at Grosse Pointe South High School who have a preference for a career in the STEM disciplines (science, technology, engineering, or math). An additional STEM robotics scholarship of $1,000 was awarded to a student who has been involved in robotics.

 The scholarship committee worked extensively to develop an equitable and fair application with clear objective metrics for evaluation in the selection process. They focused on academic excellence, participation and leadership in school and community, and STEM career goals.  The applicants’ essays weighed heavily in the selection.  They were asked, “If you could skip into a time machine and move forward or backward, where would you go and why? The applicants were all outstanding which made the process difficult.
AAUW Grosse Pointe is pleased to announce the scholarship awardees.
Grosse Pointe North $1,500 Scholarships
Victoria Treder
Mia Cassar
Grosse Pointe South $1,500 Scholarships
Hayden Barry
Peyton Lancaster
Grosse Pointe South $1,000 Stem Robotics Scholarship
Alexa Rigotti
Hayden Barry aspires to a career as a Pharmaceutical Scientist. Hayden has been interested in what would happen to the world’s climate if there was a nuclear war and how/if it would be possible to sustain a country during this time. She would go back in time to when the first physicist completed a nuclear winter model to understand more about this.
Mia Cassar looks forward to becoming a Physician. She says, “In the midst of the global pandemic, I am personally more than ready for a post-pandemic world; the hope that the future brings in the “this too shall pass” moments motivate me daily” … “This motivation ignites my passion to discover something that I will be able to do in STEM research.”
Peyton Lancaster aspires to become a Biomedical Engineer. She states, “I have always been passionate about helping others in any way possible. The best way I believe I can continue to positively impact other people’s lives is by applying my abilities in science and math in the field of biomedical engineering. Being a biomedical engineer will allow me to develop innovative solutions to complex medical problems.”
Alexa Rigotti is looking forward to a career as a Machinist. She states that she is “a female who does not conform to gender roles, especially in my interests. I am the only female in my high school to do percussion and drumline. I joined the robotics team to learn about machining.” She says she would “welcome and advocate for female interests, especially in engineering and technical jobs and hobbies.”
Victoria Treder aspires to a career as a Forensic Scientist. She says that she feels “that in order to properly understand the endeavors and accomplishments of my own life, I must credit the historical events that have led me to where I am…The concept of historical evaluation and acknowledgement can be applied to any day-to-day situation.”
AAUW Grosse Pointe wishes all the best to these fine young women.

AAUW MISSION:  To advance gender equity for women and girls through research, education, and advocacy.