54th Annual Used Book Sale

Dates: Wednesday, May 16 and run through Friday, May 18. We invite guests to early purchasing on Tuesday night, May 15, 7:00-9:00 p.m. for a fee of $10.

Location: First English Evangelical Lutheran Church, 800 Vernier, Grosse Pointe Woods

Collections will begin on Monday, April 9 and run through Saturday, May 5. Collection Locations will be at the Grosse Pointe Woods Community Center and CVS in the Village on Kercheval. Please note: There will only be two collection sites. Kroger’s on Marter Road will NOT be a collection site this year.

The book sale will close one day earlier this year. Thursday will be half price day. Friday will be bag day. There will be no Saturday hours.

Since this will be our last AAUW Grosse Pointe Used Book Sale, we need member participation once again. Last year, 66% of the members participated in one or more ways. We are all grateful for everyone’s assistance since you all realize how much actual labor goes into this event. This year, we are collecting fewer books over a shorter collection period. We are also only selling books over four days instead of five. We will still need everyone’s help this one last time. Our book sales have always been a success because almost everyone helps on one or more committees. So please consider helping again this year, in one or more ways. We need volunteers for everything.

Collection: Collect the books from one of the two barrels at either CVS on Kercheval in the Village or the Grosse Pointe Woods Community Center on Mack. Deliver the books to the First English Evangelical Lutheran Church, Fourth Floor. We will have wagons available again to use on the elevator.

Sorting: Sort books by 35 categories on one or all three (Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday) mornings during April and May. This involves inspecting the condition of the book, placing it in a box by category (Fiction, History, Biography, Art, etc.), or pitching it in garbage bin. Damaged books will be recycled. Rare books will be separated and checked.

Monday Set Up: On Monday, May 14th, all boxed books will be moved from the fourth floor to the first floor in the gym. We need help to supervise the GP North High School student volunteers as they move the boxes to the designated tables.

Tuesday Set Up: All books must be removed from the boxes and displayed on the tables by 6:00 p.m. We need members to help since dealers will be arriving that evening.

Book Sale: Members sell and may assist customers in finding books. We will also have a “Coffee Shop” area where customers can review their books and buy some coffee and pastries. Consider becoming a cashier or a server.

Tear Down: Saturday morning will be tear down day. Your help will still be needed to pack up all the remaining books. We will request help from GP North High School students again.

used book barrel